Two plays in one reflect the artist's idea. Tina Vassiliev-Kern

2017, SBS Russian

One of the most influential voices of Russian theatre, Dmitry Krymov and his collaborators devise deeply moving, visually majestic experiences - conjuring up beguiling images of epic proportion from simple materials.

Enter a world of transformation, where objects, sounds and people change in the blink of an eye. Depicting the oppression of Soviet Jews and the censorship of Shostakovich under Stalin, Opus No. 7 uses larger-than-life puppets, duelling pianos, living walls and blizzards of newsprint to create a genre-defying double bill.
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Photo: Opus No. 7 (Photo credit Natalia Cheban)

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Opus №7 2008, Школа драматического искусства
О-й. Поздняя любовь 2014, Школа Драматического Искусства
Своими словами. А. Пушкин "Евгений Онегин" 2015, Школа Драматического Искусства



Дмитрий Крымов: «Я любил спектакли – несознательной любовью, просто на них горло перехватывало…»
Dmitry Krymov on designing theatre. Sarah Kanowski

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